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Terms of Use

DustiD is a registered business under the laws of England and Wales having a business address at 7 Derby Street, Prestwich Derby Street, Prestwich, Manchester, England, M25 1NY with Company Number 09509382.

These terms apply to all users of the DustiD website, whether they are visitors or registered members.




  1. DustiD was created to be an important and empowering new tool for individuals in the online world we now live in. This website and the use of the DustiD tool on retail websites may just be features of the overall “tool” that is DustiD, which our users and our “community” trust, but the DustiD community is one we are dedicated to protecting and empowering – we do this in many ways. The primary of these are;


  • Giving community members, their friends and families, the ability to buy and receive from online retailers with only a phone number


  • Allowing a single place online where community members keep their physical shipping address, rather than having it stored across multiple retail websites


  • Empowering our community members to choose who knows their personal data without giving up their ability to shop online or receive gifts from others.

The following is a current and up to date list of DustiD partners <INSERT LIST>




  1. To become a community member and be able to take advantage of DustiD services, you must complete the registration process, requiring the below details;


  • Name

  • Shipping address

  • Current phone number

  • Login

  • Password


  • Additional phone numbers

  • Email address (Unless using landline – email address is mandatory)


  1. After registration you will receive an SMS message (or email if using landline number, or if email is set as your communication preference) to confirm registration. You will then need to login to your community account with the login and password you provide, to verify your account information.


  1. You will be sent a request at least once a year, to login to your community account to verify your information is up to date. This is vital for DustiD services to work for our community members. If your information is not kept up to date or verified regularly, your membership may be cancelled.




  1. DustiD asks that all community members follow these conditions (outlined below) for the safety and integrity of the website, as well as to ensure all community members are receiving the optimal benefits of using DustiD services;


  • Community members must keep their profile information up to date. If there is a change to your shipping address, or phone number, we ask that you logon to your community account as soon as possible to update this information.


  • Only provide phone numbers that belong to you as using the number of somebody else (or using a shared number), could cause the system to not operate as intended and for your membership to be cancelled.


  • Use only a shipping address where you are authorised to receive packages. Please do not use a work address or another person’s address, without permission, to allow you to receive packages at that address. DustiD cannot be held responsible for any damages both directly and indirectly for packages being sent to unauthorised addresses


  • Being an advocate for the community. The more members we have, the more online tool will be adopted by retailers, and thus benefits the community and you as a member? So please share!




  1. In order to ensure that community members get the most from our services, we accept the following responsibilities;


  • Take all reasonable precautions to ensure we protect the personal data of our community members, which includes;

    • Insuring that others who use your phone number on a retail website to send something to you are not given or able to see your shipping address.

    • Only allowing retailers to keep your shipping details long enough to provide shipping services.

    • Never selling your information to a third-party without your express permission.


  • To grow the number of online retailers using the DustiD services as much and as quickly as possible to ensure the best experience for our community members


  • To continually improve DustiD services and listen to our community members when making improvements


  1. Limitation of liability


  1. Whilst DustiD will always try to provide only the best services for our community members, we cannot guarantee that things will always go smoothly.


  1. DustiD is a data controller as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation and will comply with all the requirements of its duty as a data controller. This is limited to liabilities arising from a data breach. DustiD will therefore be responsible for any fines or censures passed by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) from any such breach. and be liable to any community member whose data was compromised by such breach, such liability to the community member will be limited to their statutory rights under the Data Protection Act 1998, the Genera Data Protection Regulation and case law for civil actions arising from data breaches.


  1. DustiD will not be held liable for any other forms of damage caused either directly or indirectly by use of the DustiD service, except on such limitation of liability is contrary to law such as gross negligence and fraud


  1. Intellectual Property

DustID, its functions, underlying software, business practices, written material and any other original material produced is the sole Intellectual Property of DustID and is protected by the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. All Intellectual Property of DustID and all rights associated with such property remain the property of the DustID throughout the term of this agreement and continue after termination or cancellation.

No copies may be made of any documents or materials produced by DustID without prior written consent from DustID..

Users undertake not to translate, adapt, vary, modify, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the DustID system without the prior written consent of DustID.

Users will notify DustID immediately should the User become aware of any unauthorised use of the whole of any part of the DustID system by any person.

Users will be held liable for any damages suffered by DustID through the intentional, unintentional, direct or indirect interference with its Intellectual Property rights through the Users’ actions or inactions or the actions or inactions of any of the User’s employees, associates, partners or agents.



By member

  1. A community member may cancel their membership at any time, by logging onto their account and following the instructions for cancellation.


  1. Your member profile will immediately become inactive as soon as you have completed the process.


  1. Your profile data may be kept on the DustiD system for a short period of time before being completely deleted from the system, as is required by our responsibility as data controllers.


  1. You may rejoin the community at any time by re-registering


By DustiD


  1. DustiD do not want to lose any of its community members, but there are circumstances when we must cancel a membership. The following are some examples of when a cancellation may occur;


  • Failure to respond to multiple requests to update or verify information


  • Providing intentionally false information


  • Jeopardising the security of community members data in any way


DustiD will notify a community member of the intent to cancel by SMS message or via the email that you provide. However occasionally DustiD will need to cancel membership without giving notice, especially if doing so would jeopardise DustiD services or it’s community members in any way


  1. Modification

DustID reserves the right to modify or amend these conditions as necessary from time to time. The Purchaser will be notified in writing of any such modifications or amendments.


  1. Data Protection

    1. The Purchaser acknowledges that DustID is a Data Controller of the User’s data for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 and The General Data Protection Regulation. The User consents to the use of the data for purposes of providing and improving their products and services, to provide to advisers, regulatory authorities, governmental or quasi governmental organisations as required.


  1. DustID is compliant in their processes and procedures with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation.


  1. DustID will return to the User upon written request all data supplied during the course of Users interaction with DustID via a secure encrypted format upon request by the User and should any data belonging to the User remain under the custody of DustID at the time of the request.


  1. Arbitration

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement or breach of this Agreement shall be settled by Arbitration. Administration shall be administered by an entity mutually agreed to by the parties. Judgement on the award rendered by the Administrator will be binding to both parties and may be entered at any Court with Jurisdiction.


  1. Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

This Contract is subject to Jurisdiction in the Courts of England and Wales.

The applicable law in the event of a claim arising under this agreement is the Law of England and Wales.


  1. Severability

If any portion of this agreement is found to be void or voidable it shall be removed and all other terms shall remain in full force and affect.


  1. Entire Contract

These terms and conditions along with the Scope of Work and Fee Schedule constitute the entire Agreement and understanding between TLA and the Purchaser and supersede any previous arrangement, understanding or agreement between them.


OUR VISION: "From you"

The DustiD team are based in Manchester UK