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“The Problem – The Solution”…?

Helen wants to surprise a friend or family member with a card or gift – but there’s a problem: she doesn’t have the postal address. She could text or phone to ask for their address, but that would ruin the surprise so she just doesn’t bother.

For one or two addresses that may not seem a problem, but with personal networks stretching into the hundreds, surely there has to be a more efficient and convenient way to address any item that needs to be delivered?

Wouldn't it be great if any item purchased on or offline could be delivered anywhere in the World to anyone within your social network – without needing their address? The answer is DUSTiD™.


Download the DUSTiD™ App or sign up online.


Register with just your address and mobile phone number. No financial details will ever be asked of you.


We pair your address with your mobile phone number and store it encrypted on the cloud.


You then invite your friends and family to join your DUSTiD™ network. During registration we pair their Mobile phone number to an address of their choosing.


As your DUSTiD™ network expands, using just mobile phone numbers, your friends and family members will be able to quickly and easily fill in the shipping address without the hassle of finding or knowing the postal address.


Not having to text or scrape around for address details, DUSTiD™ and Addressless Mailing ™ make it easier to send surprise cards or gifts to friends and family members.


With the increase in online shoppers using their mobile phones to shop online DUSTiD™ reduces any address to the length of a mobile phone number making it quicker to enter a shipping address, shortening time spent within the checkout.


If you’re one of the 500,000 students that temporarily leave home to attend university or you just want any DUSTiD™ addressed mailed items delivering to a new address, maybe your place of work or your parents' house, simply change the address that is paired to your mobile phone number via the free app or website. Our “follow me” service means that your mail is no longer limited to just one address. DUSTiD™ gives you the control to easily update your address status so that your mail just “follows you”.

DUSTiD™ & Addressless Mailing

DUSTiD™ operates on similar lines to a social network. When you or a friend download the DUSTiD™ App or register online, we pair your unique mobile phone number to an address of your choosing. This address needs to be one where you are happy for any mailed items to be delivered. We then encrypt and store this data within a centralised database. Each user’s mobile number now becomes a shortcut which can be used instead of an address by themselves or their friends and family.

Addressless Mailing

With DUSTiD™'s 'Addressless Mailing' service, once you’ve chosen that surprise card or gift item from any of our online retail partners you simply head to the checkout, push the DUSTiD™ button, enter your friend's mobile phone number and that’s it.

Cards & gifts chosen posted done & DUSTiD™.

The DUSTiD™ App

To gain access to the full range of DUSTiD™ services we recommend downloading the DUSTiD™ App. The DUSTiD™ App is very easy to use and, once set up, offers the user a range of innovative features that can be used when sending or receiving cards or gifts from friends or family members. Users will also be able to register via the website.

The DUSTiD™ Network

The DUSTiD™ network will scale and expand as friends and family members experience how DUSTiD™’s Addressless Mailing ™ process makes gifting more spontaneous, fun and less of a chore. Encourage friends and family to make celebrating birthdays and other notable events easier by registering with DUSTiD™. Let DUSTiD™ help you deliver the surprise. Cards and gifts chosen posted......done & DUSTiD™.

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Become an early adopter of the DUSTiD™ network and as a thank you receive access to an unlimited amount of free greeting cards at

Invite your friends and family to register with DUSTID™ and they too will receive this limited free gift.

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OUR VISION: "From you"

The DUSTiD™ team are based in Manchester UK