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DUSTiD™ & Addressless Mailing™ aim to disrupt the time-consuming and outdated process of 'finding & inputting address details' when mailing cards, gifts, and other online purchases to friends & family.

The idea for DUSTiD™ was originally conceived by Michael Livingstone back in 2010. DUSTiD™ was originally branded 'Postal Genie' and was entered into an online competition organised by Barclays Bank. Unfortunately Postal Genie never made it into the final stages of the competition. Although at the time we were disappointed not to have been short listed, elements of our concept were soon to be taken onboard by a major player within financial services. To us this not only demonstrated proof of concept, it also proved that the technology was now viable and that attitudes towards personal data were shifting towards an acceptance of our game-changing product 'Addressless Mailing™'. It's only now, six years on from that original competition, that we feel confident in launching what will be a game-changing global service within online postal delivery and beyond.

The DUSTiD™ team consists of the founder Michael Livingstone, backed by a sales and marketing department based in Manchester, UK. Michael has been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years and has been involved in developing customer service strategies within various organisations. DUSTiD™’s technical team are based in India and is headed by Ravdeep Singh, CEO UBXTY - Unboxing Technology


Watch the video to find out more about us

Watch the video


OUR VISION: "From you"

The DUSTiD™ team are based in Manchester UK